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31 Days of Pizza: Final Rankings

After eating pizza for 31 days straight during National Pizza Month, here are our final rankings of the best (and worst) in Cincinnati! Name Katie Rating Name Drew Rating Dewey’s 8.8 Dewey’s 9 Flying Pizza 8.8 Flying Pizza 9 Goodfellas 8.6 Two Cities 8.1 Two Cities 7.5 Roc-a-Fella’s 7.9 Ferarri’s 7.3 Goodfellas 7.6 La Rosas’ 7.3 Rudino’s 7.5 Rudino’s 7.2 Richard’s 7.3 The Works 7.2 Brooklyn Pizza & Pasta 7.2 Richard’s 7.1 Ramundo’s 7.2 Brooklyn Pizza & Pasta 7 The Works 7.2 Mellow Mushroom 7 Ferarri’s 7.1 Pizzeria Locale 6.8 Mellow Mushroom 7.1 Rapid Fired 6.8 Rapid Fired 7.1 MOD pizza 6.7 Betta’s 7 Ramundo’s 6.7 La Rosas’ 6.9 Roc-a-Fella’sContinue reading

Cincinnati, North America, Pizza

31 Days of Pizza: Week 4 Recap

We made it to the last week of Pizza Month! Click here if you missed last week’s updates.   October 22: Brooklyn Pizza & Pasta (Montgomery) Drew: 7.3 Katie: 7.0 Claudia: 7.3 Drew’s mom was a guest judge tonight! We liked the pizza overall – there was a good amount of crust and it wasn’t too thin. Drew liked the chewiness of the bacon. The downsides were that it was a little too greasy and the crust seemed a little dried out.   October 23: Padrino (Milford) Drew: 6.9 Katie: 6.3 The toppings on this pizza (sauce, cheese, tri-colored peppers rather than green peppers) were spot on, but we didn’tContinue reading

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31 Days of Pizza: Week 3 Recap

We’re officially over halfway through pizza month! Missed last week? Click here to read it. Here are the details on week 3:   October 15: The Works (Loveland) Drew’s Rating: 7.2 Katie’s Rating: 7.2 I was pleasantly surprised by this place. It had a nice atmosphere and some of the best crust I’ve had – it was the perfect amount of fluff and garlic.   October 16: Fireside (Walnut Hills) Drew’s Rating: 6.1 Katie’s Rating: 5.6 This was another one with a cool atmosphere – a revamped old firehouse. We had come here last winter and really loved the pizza, but this time around it wasn’t so great. It wasContinue reading

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31 Days of Pizza: Week 2 Recap

Week 2 of Pizza Month is complete (and we’re still not sick of pizza!) Miss week 1? Click here to read it.   October 8: Mio’s (Blue Ash) Katie’s Rating: 6.5 Drew’s Rating: 6.7 Despite being a hometown classic, I tend to forget about Mio’s. My sister recommended it for our pizza month challenge and we were pleasantly surprised. The crust was thick which I liked, and Drew’s bacon and green peppers were really fresh.   October 9: Roc-a-fella’s (Sharonville) Katie’s Rating: 6.7 Drew’s Rating: 7.9 This was Drew’s leader until later in the week. The bacon was really crisp, there wasn’t too much sauce, and the grease held theContinue reading

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31 Days of Pizza: Week 1 Recap

While researching upcoming holidays for a client, I excitedly discovered that October is National Pizza Month. Pizza is my favorite food – when nothing else sounds good, pizza is my go-to. So when I told my boyfriend, Drew, about the month-long holiday, he said exactly what I had been thinking: “We should do 31 days of pizza!” After taking recommendations from friends, family, and Google, we began our pizza challenge October 1. I hate toppings on my pizza, so I order cheese everywhere we go, and for consistency Drew is sticking with bacon & green peppers. Below is the recap of everywhere we ate in our first week. And toContinue reading

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Cruising with Dolphins in New Zealand

After a long first week as an au pair, I needed to get out of the house! I am off duty on the weekends, so on a whim I decided to book a tour – a dolphin cruise – for the upcoming Saturday. Swimming with dolphins has been on my bucket list since I was a kid, after all. Now, this company has a policy that they will guarantee they find you SOMETHING exciting to see, be it dolphins or whales, or they give you a voucher to return on a different day. We drove around the major islands in the bay looking for dolphins for probably an hour andContinue reading

cape reinga ninety mile beach
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Cape Reigna & Ninety Mile Beach Tour

To experience more of the New Zealand North Island, I booked a full day tour through the top peninsula of the North Island. I had to get up even earlier for this one, and catch the very first ferry of the day to Paihia. I was up so early, I heard a rooster crow as I walked to town. I made it to the wharf in time to watch the sun rise over Russell, which was beautiful. From Paihia, I hopped on a bus and began the tour. Our first stop was a Kauri forest – basically just a bunch of big trees. The kauri forest is a kiwi’s naturalContinue reading

tongariro alpine crossing
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New Zealand Must Do: Tongariro Alpine Crossing

“One does not simply walk into Mordor…” On a cold morning in Cincinnati, I sat researching all the wonders New Zealand has to offer. I came across the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, a 19.4 kilometer hike through Tongariro National Park labeled the best one-day hike in the country. I joked with Dad that we should start training since we already did a volcano hike in Bali (though that one was quite a bit shorter at about 3 kilometers return). I never imgined that 3 months later I would actually be attempting it. A bit of a last minute decision, my trip was booked on a whim before I really processed whatContinue reading

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New Zealand Must Do: Waitangi Treaty Grounds

Right across the bay from the quaint little town I lived in in New Zealand was the Waitangi Treaty Grounds. I had lived so close the whole time I was there, but I kept putting it off, telling myself I would go later. Eventually it was my last weekend in Russell, and I knew I couldn’t leave without visiting such an important place in New Zealand history. This is where the Treaty of Waitangi – what is seen as the founding document of New Zealand – was signed on February 6, 1840 in the spot where this flagstaff now stands… It was an “agreement” between the Maori chiefs and the British,Continue reading

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The Ultimate Travel Playlist

There’s no better feeling than walking through an airport, ready to embark on a new journey with your favorite tunes playing through your headphones. I always feel like I’m in a movie, and my travel playlist is the soundtrack. I’ve compiled a long list of songs over the years that I feel fit perfectly with that wanderlust-y feeling of each trip, but here are my top faves (please forgive my very eclectic taste): Step Out – José González “Time to step outside, time to step outside you. House on fire, leave it all behind you. Dark as night, let the lightning guide you.” My favorite movie of all time isContinue reading