31 Days of Pizza: Week 1 Recap

While researching upcoming holidays for a client, I excitedly discovered that October is National Pizza Month. Pizza is my favorite food – when nothing else sounds good, pizza is my go-to. So when I told my boyfriend, Drew, about the month-long holiday, he said exactly what I had been thinking: “We should do 31 days of pizza!”

After taking recommendations from friends, family, and Google, we began our pizza challenge October 1. I hate toppings on my pizza, so I order cheese everywhere we go, and for consistency Drew is sticking with bacon & green peppers. Below is the recap of everywhere we ate in our first week.

And to all of those who’ve asked: no, we’re not sick of pizza yet!


October 1: Pizzeria Locale (Kenwood)

Katie’s Rating: 6.8

Drew’s Rating: 6.2

I was afraid to go too high on the first night, but so far this one is my favorite so far. It was similar to the traditional wood-fired pizza style, but without the overwhelming char flavor. I also enjoy thicker, fluffier crust, so I was hesitant about a wood-fired, but Pizzeria Locale delivered. It actually reminded me of the pizza I had in Venice:

Drew was disappointed that they didn’t have bacon – not a great start for the topping consistency. He also isn’t a huge fan of red sauce, but especially when it’s got a heavy tomato flavor, like Pizzeria Locale’s did. I normally don’t like that flavor either, but for me, it worked on this pizza.


October 2: Italianette (Deer Park)

Katie’s Rating: 5.2

Drew’s Rating: 6.8

This was one of Drew’s favorites for the week. I have to admit, I had low expectations going into this one. It’s what’s served at Madeira High School athletic events, so I’ve had it quite a few times, but not when it’s fresh. It ended up beating my expectations and I probably should’ve ranked it higher. The more pizza I eat, the better this pizza looks.


October 3: Westshore (Mason)

Katie’s Rating: 3.6

Drew’s Rating: 4.3

Westshore was an interesting place – an oddly shaped section of a strip mall with a bit of a thrown together 90s sports bar feel. We made a rookie mistake and went by-the-slice instead of ordering a whole fresh pizza – it tasted like leftover pizza from the day before that was too crispy from re-heating it in the oven too long.


October 4: Blaze (Mason)

Katie’s Rating: 5.0

Drew’s Rating: 6.2

This is one of those times when I know I should’ve ranked Italianette higher. Blaze is probably a fun place if you like really wacky flavor combinations because it’s rapid-fire and totally customizable, but for someone who just likes cheese, it was just okay. I got the thicker crust option and it seemed like they just stacked two normal crusts on top of each other because the bottom of the pizza literally separated and fell off as I was eating the pieces. I did appreciate the s’more pies though – two cookies sandwiching chocolate and marshmallow – which they warm up in the rapid-fire oven along with your pizza.


October 5: Victory Lane (Monroe)

Katie’s Rating: 5.7

Drew’s Rating: 6.8

This night we experimented with a carryout option in Monroe since we were already up that way for an event. We forgot to call ahead, but it only took them a few minutes to make, which was appreciated. It was loaded with cheese and the sauce was just right, I just wish it had a bit more crust to it at the back. I am a crust Nazi, as Drew says. They also included garlic butter sauce that rivaled Papa John’s, so I was still a happy camper. Overall, it’s a nice little hole-in-the-wall place that’s only open 4-10pm.


October 6: Fratelli’s (West Chester)

Katie’s Rating: 6.1

Drew’s Rating: 6.4

We were both really looking forward to this and it was a cool environment (minus the Yankees fans). The pizza was good, but the sauce was really strange. It was heavy tomato flavor but also some kind of other sweetness I just couldn’t put my finger on – like they had put a jar of spaghetti sauce on the pizza or something.


October 7: Rudino’s (Montgomery)

Katie’s Rating: 7.2

Drew’s Rating: 7.5

Rudino’s has a bit of an unfair advantage, because we’re regulars there, but it really was some of the best pizza of the week. The sauce is darker which we prefer and they have great cheese. They usually put the toppings all the way to the edge, but they left more crust exposed this time so my crust expectations were better met. And of course we love the atmosphere and the people.


So that wraps up week one! Follow us every day on social media, and stay tuned for week two, featuring places like Roc-a-Fellas, A Tavola, Goodfellas, and more.

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