31 Days of Pizza: Week 2 Recap

Week 2 of Pizza Month is complete (and we’re still not sick of pizza!)

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October 8: Mio’s (Blue Ash)

Katie’s Rating: 6.5

Drew’s Rating: 6.7

Despite being a hometown classic, I tend to forget about Mio’s. My sister recommended it for our pizza month challenge and we were pleasantly surprised. The crust was thick which I liked, and Drew’s bacon and green peppers were really fresh.


October 9: Roc-a-fella’s (Sharonville)

Katie’s Rating: 6.7

Drew’s Rating: 7.9

This was Drew’s leader until later in the week. The bacon was really crisp, there wasn’t too much sauce, and the grease held the flavor in. His words, not mine. I really liked it, but thought the crust was too crispy.


October 10: A Tavola (Madeira)

Katie’s Rating: 4.8

Drew’s Rating: 4.6

We opted for the wood-fired pizza and that was a mistake. All we could taste was char, hardly any pizza flavor. Cool atmosphere and close to home, but I wouldn’t get the pizza again.


October 11: Stone Lanes (Norwood)

Katie’s Rating: 6.6

Drew’s Rating: 6.9

This was a nostalgia play, as Drew worked here all through college. I thought it was surprisingly good for bowling alley pizza, but the crust reminded me of LaRosa’s.


October 12: Pizza Cucinova (Kenwood)

Katie’s Rating: 6.4

Drew’s Rating: 6.6

This is another fast-fire pizza. The crust looked thick and fluffy, so I got excited, but it ended up being a little too crispy. Not a bad option for a convenient and quick weeknight pizza.


October 13: Goodfellas (OTR)

Katie’s Rating: 8.6

Drew’s Rating: 7.6

Just about everyone and their mother recommended Goodfellas when we started the month and the day had finally come. It was super thin where the toppings are but had a nice thick crust at the end – my favorite style. A few points deducted for greasiness/excessive flop (the cheese and toppings slid right off), but this one was going to be hard to beat, or so I thought…


October 14: Flying Pizza (Fields Ertel) 

Katie’s Rating: 8.8

Drew’s Rating: 8.2

Our new all-time leader, Flying Pizza, is authentic New York pizza, recommended by true New Yorker himself, Captain John Eadicicco from the Loveland Symess Fire Department. It was less greasy/floppy than Goodfellas and the ratio of toppings to crust was just about perfect. Pretty spot on and will be hard to beat.


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