31 Days of Pizza: Week 3 Recap

We’re officially over halfway through pizza month! Missed last week? Click here to read it.

Here are the details on week 3:


October 15: The Works (Loveland)

Drew’s Rating: 7.2

Katie’s Rating: 7.2

I was pleasantly surprised by this place. It had a nice atmosphere and some of the best crust I’ve had – it was the perfect amount of fluff and garlic.


October 16: Fireside (Walnut Hills)

Drew’s Rating: 6.1

Katie’s Rating: 5.6

This was another one with a cool atmosphere – a revamped old firehouse. We had come here last winter and really loved the pizza, but this time around it wasn’t so great. It was overly crispy and almost felt leftover or overcooked.


October 17: Two Cities (Mason)

Drew’s Rating: 8.1

Katie’s Rating: 7.5*

Two Cities refers to New York and Chicago, with elements of both incorporated into the design, including sounds of a subway conductor. They also offer the pizza style of each city. Drew got New York, I got Chicago, which is why my rating has an asterisk. It was really good Chicago style, but because it’s so different from what we’ve been eating, it was really hard to rate!


October 18: MOD (Oakley)

Drew’s Rating: 6.2

Katie’s Rating: 6.7

In my opinion, this was one of the best fast-fired pizzas we’ve had, and the fact that it was free milkshake day AND they played Bruce Springsteen only made it even better. I still wish the crust was a little fluffier…


October 19: Mellow Mushroom (West Chester)

Drew’s Rating: 7.1

Katie’s Rating: 7.0

This was another pizza that was a little different. The crust was a thick, whole wheat dough, which was interesting, but lacked flavor. They added sprinkled parmesan on top of the mozzarella which I liked, but I felt like the sauce had a strange spice to it.


October 20: Betta’s (Norwood)

Drew’s Rating: 7.0

Katie’s Rating: 6.3

Betta’s was an adorable little Italian place that was really authentic. It was wood-fired pizza, which we generally don’t enjoy, but this was definitely the best wood-fired pizza we’ve had. It was obvious a lot of care went into the pizza with homemade dough and sauce. Once again, we didn’t like the char, but that’s a given when ordering wood-fired. Bonus for a signed Jim Brown helmet on the wall in the bar.


October 21: Ferrari’s (Madeira)

Drew’s Rating: 7.1

Katie’s Rating: 7.3

Originally not on our list, we added it for convenience sake and because I had seen a sticker on the door the last time I was there that said “Voted best pizza in Cincinnati.” We were pleasantly surprised by this place too. The pizza was loaded with cheese and toppings that were really fresh. It was so loaded, we had to eat it with a fork. It was a little too greasy, and a little too crisp, but Drew really liked the thick strips of bacon and the combination of red and green peppers.





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