31 Days of Pizza: Week 4 Recap

We made it to the last week of Pizza Month! Click here if you missed last week’s updates.


October 22: Brooklyn Pizza & Pasta (Montgomery)

Drew: 7.3

Katie: 7.0

Claudia: 7.3

Drew’s mom was a guest judge tonight! We liked the pizza overall – there was a good amount of crust and it wasn’t too thin. Drew liked the chewiness of the bacon. The downsides were that it was a little too greasy and the crust seemed a little dried out.


October 23: Padrino (Milford)

Drew: 6.9

Katie: 6.3

The toppings on this pizza (sauce, cheese, tri-colored peppers rather than green peppers) were spot on, but we didn’t like the crunchy, thin crust and it was overwhelmingly salty.


October 24: Trotta’s (Cheviot)

Drew: 6.0

Katie: 5.0

Though this one came highly recommended from our West Side friends, I did not enjoy the spongey crust and didn’t think it had much flavor. Drew said the toppings on his side were good.


October 25: Rapid Fired (Symmes)

Drew: 7.1

Katie: 6.8

We opted for the thicker crust, and that was the right decision. The crust was fluffy and light, the sauce and cheese were good, and they had garlic butter sauce. It was fast, cheap, and the best fast-fired pizza we’ve had. The only downside was that Drew said the bacon and peppers weren’t very fresh.


October 26: Dewey’s (Kenwood)

Drew: 9.0

Katie: 8.8

Dewey’s was our favorite pizza before we started the month, and it continues to reign supreme. It’s crust is the standard to which all other crusts should be held. The only downside is that the sauce is a little too spicy. If I could take the sauce and cheese from Flying Pizza and combine it with Dewey’s crust, I’d have the perfect pizza.


October 27: Ramundo’s (Mt. Lookout)

Drew: 7.2

Katie: 6.7

This was a cool little whole in the wall place. The crust was light, fluffy and soft. Drew enjoyed the “crispy but not burnt” bacon, but was disappointed with the lack of peppers they put on. The sauce was a little spicier than we usually like, but I am happy to have found a new lunch option for when our office moves to Rookwood.


October 28: Adriatico’s (Clifton)

Drew: 6.7

Katie: 5.4

Corey: 6.4

Woody: 7.8

We had a few more guest judges for this pizza in Clifton which was another that came highly recommended from a lot of people. I ate the Adriatico’s party pizza all the time in college and wasn’t impressed, but tried to keep an open mind. I didn’t end up liking the personal pizza either – the sauce was extremely spicy, and all the toppings slid off, though Drew said the toppings that stayed on were good.


October 29: Catch-A-Fire (Oakley)

Drew: 5.8

Katie: 5.9

This place had an interesting set up – it’s like a fast-fired pizza place inside of the MadTree Brewery. The atmosphere was really great with lots of TVs, big tables, games, and an outdoor patio. The pizza, however, was not so great, but I think we ordered the wrong type of cheese because it came in clumps rather than spread out on the pizza. It ended up feeling like we were eating soggy tomato bread. I would like to give this place a chance again, though, and order the right cheese!


October 30: LaRosa’s (Kenwood)

Drew: 6.9

Katie: 7.3

We couldn’t leave out a hometown fave! The key to eating here is to get the pan crust – we both preferred it to the traditional thin crust. They tend to overload you with sauce that’s a little too sweet. I think by opting for light sauce and pan crust, you could get a really good pizza out of them.


October 31: Richard’s Pizza (Monroe)

Drew: 7.3

Katie: 7.1

We ordered from here for our Halloween feast on the recommendation of Drew’s sister. I was hoping it wouldn’t be very good since it’d be pretty far of a drive just for pizza, but it actually ended up being pretty tasty! The crust was thicker and it was very similar to the pizza at Rudino’s.


So that wraps it up! I can’t believe we actually managed to eat pizza every day for 31 days straight. Click here to see our full list of ratings.

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