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Sunrise Hike in Bali, Indonesia

It was still dark when the alarm went off. In fact, the sun had only just set a few hours ago. It was one thirty in the morning and we were getting picked up at two. I hoped we were at least – we’d paid some guy on the street for this tour without really knowing how legitimate he was (something my dad would normally yell at me for doing, yet this was his decision…). But we walked out at two and there was our chauffeur, right on time. Phew. We drove for what seemed like hours. Others slept; I tried to keep my eyes open for fear of missingContinue reading

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Taking the Scenic Route

On a road trip from Christchurch to Dunedin, I took the scenic route. Instead of driving straight along the coast, I decided to go inland. My plan was to hang out around Lake Tekapo until dark, as it’s in a Dark Sky Reserve and I want to try my hand at night time photography, and then spend the night at the campground in Mount Cook National Park, where I would hike the Hooker Valley Track. As usual in travel, my plan was unsuccessful. The sky was changing colors quickly and dark clouds loomed when I arrived at Tekapo. Not seeing any stars tonight. I continued on to Mount Cook as the sunContinue reading

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Lessons from Traveling Solo

I’ve been blessed with a number of amazing travel buddies in my life. But after I graduated from college, I decided it was time to do something all on my own. So I took off for New Zealand the next month. I was so excited until the night before, when the nerves kicked in. “What am I doing? I don’t know anyone in New Zealand. What if the people hiring me are actually murderers?” etc. etc… Rational questions. But as it turns out, it was one of the best experiences of my life. These are the three most important things I learned while I was gone: 1. Confidence & open-mindedness. Moving to a foreignContinue reading